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Which carrots are the most desirable? Of course, the first one in July, when last year's crop is finished in the cellar, but the spring planting crop is not yet ripe. Growing a super-early crop can help with a late fall planting. But you should prepare for it in advance - as early as September


  1. Time to plant carrots for winter
  2. When to plant carrots in autumn according to the Lunar Calendar 2022
  3. How to plant carrots for winter
  4. Preparing the ground
  5. Selecting a place for winter carrots
  6. Fertifying the soil before planting
  7. Appropriate carrot varieties for winter sowing
  8. Seed preparation
  9. Planning procedures
  10. Post-planting care
  11. Harvesting and storage
  12. Carrot planting rules in fall - video

Time to plant carrots for winter

It is very important to choose the right week and specific day for sowing in late fall - it depends, of course, on our unpredictable weather. In principle, sowing is planned for November, the first or second decade, when it is already freezing and temperatures are steadily dropping below zero degrees (to about -2-3°C).

Exemplary planting datesof carrots in different regions:

  • Moscow and Central Russia - planting is recommended for the second half of October;
  • Ural, Siberia, Leningrad region - the first half of October would be the best time for planting;
  • Southern regions - the second half of November - first decade of December should be the reference point.

If the thermometer rises to 6 degrees, you should not plant carrots in the fall! Under such favorable conditions the seeds will actively germinate and at the first frost the young shoots will die.

Selecting a day for planting, it is necessary to study the weather forecast for the near future. If warming is expected, work should be postponed. Snowfall is not a hindrance for sowing winter carrots. The beds should be cleared of precipitation and proceed with the procedure.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

When to plant carrots in fall on the Lunar Calendar 2022


  • September - 1, 2, 5, 6, 14, 15, 18-20, 28, 29;
  • October - 2-4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, 17, 27, 30, 31;
  • November - 2, 4, 7, 9, 12-14, 22, 26, 27, 30.


  • September - 10, 25-27;
  • October - 9, 24-26;
  • November - 8, 23-25.
When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

How to plant carrots for winter

Planning carrots in autumn has its own peculiarities. Before you begin, you need to select a suitable site for sowing and prepare the soil and seed.

Preparing the soil

Sowing is done in slightly frosted soil, before frost. But do not wait passively for this. On the contrary, beforehand, in September-October, you must dig the soil and prepare a ridge with two longitudinally arranged furrows, the distance between which is 30-40 cm.

Store a couple of buckets of sifted compost, manure humus (fresh manure is no good) or peat. At the worst, just sand. Frozen soil will not fill the seeds. The stockpiled soil is put indoors so that it will remain loose even in stable frosts.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

Purchase fresh seeds, you will need slightly more than for the spring sowing - 6-8 g per 10 m2. When sowing in November, they are exposed to alternating negative and positive temperatures. They freeze and thaw repeatedly, acquiring atypical for this culture ability to germinate early and quickly. This occurs soon after the snowfall, at a relatively cold positive temperature close to 1-2 degrees.

As a result, the plants develop at an accelerated rate, managing to form root crops for 50-70 days after sprouts - already in mid-July. You can get the first crop even earlier if you install arches over the bed in the spring and put film over them.

Natural signals. Don't miss the signals for when to sow carrots for the winter: permanent ice crusts on puddles, thin ice on ponds and rivers, and frost on the soil.

Selection of location for winter carrots

The winter sowing of carrots should take place in a favorable location: preferably on the southern slope of the plot or at least on a small man-made hill well heated by sunlight, which in April is free from snow early and not flooded by either melt water or ground water. It must be as light as possible, without shading on the east or south side by buildings, trees, or shrubs.

To ensure that the root crops are less affected by diseases and pests, carrots are returned to their former place after at least five years. The best predecessors are legumes, potatoes, zucchini, early cabbage. Possible ones are tomato, cucumber, onion.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

Till-planting soil fertilization

The carrot grows poorly on both heavy clay soils, over-watered lowland ones and too light sandy ones, poor moisture retention and poor in nutrients. It does not tolerate areas with fresh manure and overgrown with weeds.

Conclusion: as this crop is characterized by a good \"appetite\", it needs loose, with a deep fertile layer (at least 35-40 cm), loamy or peaty soils.

If they are poor sandy loam and heavy clay, when digging up the soil generously add compost or old humus (1 bucket per 1 meter square meter). Or use recycled organic fertilizer from chicken manure \"Flumb-Kuriak\" (10-15 pellets per 1 m2) together with complex mineral fertilizer \"Sudarushka\" or \"Semitsvetik\" (20 g per 1 m2).

  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

Weak carrot seedlings do not choke out the weeds in spring, it is advisable to prepare the bed as early as possible, in October, so that before sowing it can be repeatedly forked over, combing out the roots of perennial weeds: gout, wheatgrass, field sedge and horsetail. The bed is finally tilled and leveled before cold weather and noticeable frosts, in October.

Suitable carrot varieties for winter sowing

Winter sowing varieties and hybrids that withstand cold and are resistant to premature bloom are suitable. These are Mars, Minor, Nantskaya, Moskovskaya zimnaya, Reef. Their sprouts respond well to dense soil, which in the spring is heavily compacted after the snow melt. Root crops of which varieties and hybrids are stored until spring with minimal losses. This depends on their carotene and sugar content and resistance to the main disease during storage, gray rot.

According to the scientists, the best preservation after seven months of storage is recognized to be a domestic novelty Corsair and a foreign hybrid Berlin (losses not more than 5,5%). They are slightly inferior to Berlicum Royal and Zvezda.

  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

Подготовка Seeds

It is not necessary to treat the seed with growth stimulants when planting in the fall - it should not germinate until the spring. And with the onset of the spring thaw, the seeds placed in the ground will be saturated with moisture, warmed up and will quickly give strong sprouts. But it is still necessary to prepare the material before sowing - calibrate it, select low-quality and disinfect it.

When preparing, discard empty and unripe seeds by soaking them for 10-15 minutes in warm clean water. Anything that floats up is removed. Settled seeds are washed and soaked for a few minutes in a weak (pink) solution of potassium permanganate. Then thoroughly dry for several days.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

Taking 20-30% more seeds than usual is recommended when sowing for winter. Denser planting will help insure against the negative effects of return thaws and other adverse conditions.

Planning Procedures

To protect prepared furrows from fall precipitation, cover with polyethylene film and secure it with bricks at the corners.

Sow in this sequence:

  1. If snow has fallen, sweep it away from the beds;
  2. Seeds are sown into previously prepared furrows at 3-4 cm intervals;
  3. Soak a layer of warm, dry soil, which should be prepared in advance and kept indoors;
  4. Lay a layer (approx. 1.5-3 cm) of compost or humus on top;
  5. Gently tamp the soil;
  6. If snowless or harsh winter is expected the bed is additionally mulched with peat.

When snow appears, it should be shoveled onto the bed and covered with coniferous lapnik. If the winter is snowy or the region is characterized by frequent droughts, the plants should additionally be covered with fallen leaves and large branches.

  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
    Подготовленные борозды
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
    Грядки накрыты With lapelberries

After-sowing care

The winter carrot crops do not need any care in the fall. In the spring, when the snow has melted, remove the lapniks and place arches over the beds on which to stretch the plastic sheeting. When the first shoots appear and a stable average daily temperature above +15 degrees is established, the film should be removed.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

You should also be sure to thin out the planting. The first time the procedure is done is after the formation of the first couple of true leaves. At this stage, stronger, more viable seedlings can easily be identified.

A distance of 4-5 cm should be left between the seedlings. After initial thinning, a second thinning is carried out (after about 2-3 weeks), increasing the distance between the seedlings to 7-10 cm.

When 3-4 true leaves appear, it is necessary to make fertilization. Complex fertilizer (Fertika, Nitrophoska, etc.) at the rate of 1 tbsp. product per 10 liters of water is used for this purpose. Prepared working solution is poured between the row, pre-irrigating the bed. If the abundant rainfall before fertilization, additional watering is not required. Fertilize again after 2-3 weeks.

  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info
  • When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

On the 15th day of growth, a pest prevention treatment is made. Plantings should also be moistened regularly. However, watering should be moderate because excessive moisture can cause root rot.

To prevent the formation of a dry crust after watering, the soil should be regularly loosened. Also for this purpose, a fresh layer of mulch is placed in the spring to prevent the soil from sticking together.

It is important to avoid overgrowing beds with weeds - they will provide additional shade and draw nutrients from the soil.

Harvesting and storage

When carrots reach technical maturity, the harvesting can begin. When the root crop has reached 2.5 cm in diameter, it can be removed from the soil. Before harvesting, it is advisable to water the beds - this will improve the marketable appearance of carrots and make them more juicy. Roots are dug up or simply pulled out of the ground by pulling the tail (if the soil is loose enough).

The haulm is then removed, preferably by hand, rather than by cutting it off. Put the harvested carrots to dry in a dark, cool place. The optimum storage temperature is around 0 degrees. Store the crop in small batches, in carefully sun-dried wooden crates.

When to plant carrots in fall 2022 | Gardeners Info

To protect the crop from spoilage by mice, place a layer of wormwood in the bottom of the boxes. The stacked carrots are covered with sand. In these conditions, they can be stored for up to 2-3 months.

Rules for planting carrots in autumn - video

Watching the video, you will learn how to properly sow carrots for the winter. What are the peculiarities of preparing beds and other important moments.

If all the agro-technical methods of planting carrots in autumn are followed, the harvest can be harvested already on 10-15 July. Keep in mind, however, that the harvested root crops are not intended for long-term storage; they should be consumed in the short term.


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