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Many gardeners use improvised fertilizers that can simultaneously be a reliable protection for cultivated plants.

One such reliable preparation is ammonia alcohol, which is used for fertilizing strawberries. But this must be done properly so as not to harm this berry crop.


  1. Pros and cons of treating strawberries with ammonia
  2. Preparing working fluid
  3. How to fertilize
  4. How to treat against pests
  5. How treat strawberries with ammonia in the spring - video

Pros and cons of treating strawberries with ammonia

Ammonia is composed of ammonia and nitrogen compounds. These elements are very necessary for any cultivated plants in the spring when they are actively building up their vegetative mass. The combination of ammonia and nitrogen will speed up the growth of the plants and therefore this product is considered one of the best spring dressings for strawberries.

It is important! Pure ammonia must not be used as fertiliser and must be diluted in certain proportions in order not to damage the strawberry crop.

Nitric acid is 4/5 nitrogen and is the ideal nitrogen fertiliser, and therefore most frequently used as a spring fertiliser for strawberries. And due to its special composition, ammonia quickly penetrates into plant tissues and is actively absorbed. Therefore strawberries grow faster but do not accumulate harmful nitrates.

  • Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info
  • Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info


  • It can be used as a fertilizer at any stage of strawberry development, both in early spring and during berry ripening, because ammonia alcohol contains no harmful substances;
  • the product has an alkaline reaction, so it can reduce soil acidity;
  • ammonia alcohol can be applied to strawberry bushes just before harvesting, so it compares favorably with pesticides that cannot be applied long before the crop is ripe. And harvested berries can be eaten immediately after spraying the plants with ammonia. It is enough to rinse them under running water before consumption;
  • this preparation is effective against many bacterial and fungal diseases, and also does an excellent job against pests;
  • ammonia is inexpensive and you can buy it at any drugstore;
  • if you use the ammonia solution correctly, the strawberry leaves will grow more actively and the yield will increase;
  • you can use the preparation as a preventative against pests. Treatment with ammonia alcohol will help to protect your strawberry plantation fully against ants and various bugs.
Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info

There is only one drawbackto this treatment: the harvested crops may smell like ammonia. But this smell disappears if the harvested crops are washed under running water.

Preparing a working fluid

The amount of ammonia solution used to prepare the working fluid may vary depending on the time of application.

In early spring the working fluid is prepared by diluting 40 ml of 10% ammonia solution in a bucket of water. This liquid will protect strawberry bushes from harmful insects and become an effective fertilizer.

Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info

The process for making working fluid:

  • Half a bar of laundry soap is grated and then dissolved in a liter of hot water;
  • cold water is added and stirred until smooth;
  • then the necessary amount of ammonia is added.

The solution is used immediately after preparation.

The dosage of ammonia will be different during flowering - only 25 drops of the product are dissolved in a bucket of water. And after the harvest, the same ammonia application can be repeated as in spring.

How to apply fertilizer

Water strawberries with this solution three times in a season.

The first time ammonia solution is applied in early spring, when the first leaves start to appear on the strawberry bushes. Not only the leaves are sprinkled, but also the roots of the plant - this will serve as reliable protection of strawberries from fungi and nematodes.

Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info

For the second fertilization the following working solution must be prepared: dissolve only 25 drops (30 ml) of the product in a bucket of water. This fertilizer is applied during flowering in order to give the plants energy to actively produce ovaries.

Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info
Watering can of strawberry in the garden

The third fertilizer is applied after the harvest has taken place. The following working solution is prepared: 40 ml of ammonia are dissolved in a bucket of water. This fertilization allows strawberries to gain strength after fruiting and survive the winter well.

Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info

To speed up the ripening of strawberry fruits, the following working liquid should be prepared: dissolve baby shampoo, 2 tablespoons of ammonia, and a little apple cider vinegar in a bucket of water. With this solution, strawberries are treated on the leaf, as a result, the berries will ripen much faster.

How to treat against pests

To scare pests from strawberry bushes and effectively control them, the following methods can be used:

  • dissolve 2 ml of alcohol in 10 l of water and add liquid soap as a sticking agent. The strawberries are treated as needed in the early morning hours. In this case, the sharp smell of the solution will scare away most pests from strawberries;
  • to get rid of ants on the plot, you must prepare the following solution - dissolve 20 ml of ammonia in a bucket of water and pour the resulting liquid into the ant holes;
  • to get rid of weevils on strawberry plantation will help the following solution: 5 ml of ammonia, a few drops of iodine and 1 tsp of soda in a bucket of water. The resulting product is sprayed on strawberry bushes every 6-8 days until the pests completely disappear;
  • to get rid of moles, you must dig holes in their burrows and put there a absorbent cotton soaked in ammonia alcohol. And in a few hours the moles will leave the plot.
Ammonia for strawberries - 2 in 1: nutrition and pest control | Gardeners Info

How to treat strawberries with ammonia in spring - video

How to dilute ammonia correctly and treat strawberries during flowering. What weather conditions are suitable for treatment. The terms of the second and third treatments, and their peculiarities. Watch a useful video!

Olcohol is not only a useful fertilizer for strawberries, but also a good assistant in the fight against diseases and pests. This is why this remedy is so popular among Russian gardeners from different regions.

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